Terms and Conditions

Assessment of Application

  1. creative space 99 reserves the right to decline any application at its absolute discretion and shall not be liable in any way for any loss or damage or otherwise in consequence of the exercise of this right.
  2. Any arranged extras need to be confirmed in writing.
  3. All room hire applications will be confirmed in writing.

Room Usage

  1. All directions and restrictions of the Room Information Sheet need to be adhered to and followed.
  2. Rooms must only be used for purposes that are appropriate to the hirer’s qualifications and relevant registration.
  3. Access to the premises is restricted to the booked times only. This restriction also applies if keys to the premises are provided for self entry.
  4. Furniture should not be moved around and sound/video equipment setup should not be changed. If the hirer needs a special setup then this needs to be requested on the room hire application form. 
  5. creative space 99 is a shared space. The hirer and its clients need to honor the property of the venue. Only those resources should be used which are part of the room hire contract or which have been specially negotiated. In general the hirer should bring his own resources like paper, pens, tools or crockery.
  6. All rooms, kitchens and accessories must be left in the same condition (clean, tidy and functional state). Any moved items need to be put back to where they have been taken from. All rubbish needs to be removed from the premises. Failure to do so may result in extra charges.
  7. On leaving the premise a hirer has to make sure that all accessible areas are locked and secure and that all heaters, air conditioners, fans and lights are turned off.
  8. On arrival the Check-in List needs to be completed and filled in.
  9. On departure the Check-out List needs to be completed and filled in.

Food & Alcohol

  1. No food or food containers can be left in waste paper bins. The hirer is responsible to remove any food, bottles, coffee cups or otherwise produced garbage from the premises. 


  1. It is the responsibility of the hirer to be available to open the door to their clients and to see their clients off the premises. 
  2. The hirer is responsible for all people they or their clients let into the building directly by opening the door for them or indirectly by keeping the door open.
  3. The hirer has to keep the premises safe and secure. People who are not their clients or confirmed clients of another hirer who is there at the same time should not be allowed on the premises.
  4. For safety reasons non observed street doors are to remain locked at all times (particularly if the Hall on the first floor is hired).  


  1. The hirer must have public liability insurance to cover the activities that will occur in the hired area. The hirer’s certificate of public liability insurance cover must be attached to this room hire application and provided at any time during the ongoing usage of the venue. The hirer will compensate or meet all claims of any person for personal injury or loss of or damage to his or her personal property as a result of: 
    1. the hirer’s neglect or careless act on the premises, or
    2. a breach of this hire agreement by the hirer, or by any person who is on the premises with the hirer’s consent.
  2. creative space 99 / Conny Dietzschold shall not have any liability in respect of loss of or damage caused to any goods or property left in the hire space during the hire and thereafter. 
    1. This includes any property of the event host or any property of its participants during the hire, or if left behind after the hired period. 
  3. If a room is hired for the purpose of an art exhibition or the hirer needs for any reasons mount display items onto walls, floor or ceiling, then the hirer needs to consult creative space 99 on how artworks or other items might be mounted on the walls, floor or ceiling to avoid additional make good charges.
    It is generally advised not to use strong duck-tape when applying e.g. paper sheets to walls or floors, as this will easily tear off paint, which would need to be repaired.
  4. The hirer must report any damage to rooms’ property incurred by the hirer or their clients. Special care should be taken when using/removing adhesives on walls and floors as paint comes off easily. 
  5. The hirer must compensate and meet all claims of creative space 99 / Conny Dietzschold within 14 days of hiring the space, for the costs of any loss or damage to the hired space, its equipment and facilities, if such loss or damage has occurred. 
  6. The hirer will indemnify creative space 99 / Conny Dietzschold from all claims of the hirer, their clients and involved third parties. 
  7. creative space 99 / Conny Dietzschold will limit its liability for any claims of any kind by the hirer or its clients to the full amount the hirer paid for the booking.

Room Hire | Fees | Payment

  1. Room hire fees are listed as hourly charges.
  2. All prices are listed in Australian Dollars and inclusive of GST. 
  3. Any room hire starts on the half or full hour. Hiring time includes bumping in, setting up and bumping out.
  4. Hire charges for confirmed bookings must be paid for at the current rate and upfront.
  5. Additional charges will be charged via the agreed means. 
  6. Additional charges may apply for
  • overtime: standard room charges apply billed hourly
  • accessory items like the projector: price as listed or negotiated 
  • special setup: price as negotiated
  • room re-setup, cleaning and rubbish removal: $110
  • refundable deposit & loss of security key: $110 
  • damages/make good: cost for fixing or re-acquiring damaged items
  • bond: of up to $550 to cover for potential additional charges

Modifications | Change of Booking

  1. Any change to a confirmed booking incurs an administration fee of $80.  
  2. Any additional site visits will incur an addtional charge of $50. 


  1. Tentative Bookings are a booking intent only. They are not yet confirmed and can be cancelled at any time by either party. 
  2. If payment for a confirmed booking is not received on the set payment due date, then the booking is seen as cancelled by the hirer. Standard cancellation policies apply. 
  3. If for any reason a booking needs to be cancelled by Conny Dietzschold including unforeseeable reasons like building or water damage, then Conny Dietzschold will refund any already paid booking fees for the booking in question.
  4. A cancellation by a hirer needs to be done in writing, this includes ongoing bookings.  
  5. No refund will be provided for cancellation with less then 5 weeks notice.
  6. A booking will be refunded for any cancellation with more than 5 weeks notice only if and when the booked room could be hired out again. There will be an additional cancellation charge of $80.
  7. No refund will be provided for a cancellation with more then 5 weeks notice where the room could not be hired out again. However, the hirer has the option to reschedule the booking within the next 12 months from the date of the cancellation. This option excludes rescheduled bookings. 
  8. Non-compliance with these terms and conditions may result in new bookings being denied and future bookings being canceled.


Terms and Condition are subject to change.
Please come back to this page prior to a booking to read the latest.