Meditation Room

No longer available!

A cosy room with floor based seating.

This room is ideal for meditation and as break out room for floor based activities. It has carpet and quiet as the city noise is hardly noticeable here.

Access is via 99 Crown Street, 1st floor

  • up to 10 people
  • approx. 25 sqm
  • fully carpeted, ceiling fans 
  • seating: floor cushions
  • WiFi
  • external speakers for computer
  • room charges from $33 per hour


  • This room serves as an access point to the common toilet and the tea kitchen of the other rooms on the 1st floor.
  • The Meditation Room can ONLY be used/booked if you are the only hirer during your booked time on the 1st floor. If you book the Meditation Room and one of the other rooms on the first floor are also booked at the same time, then you will be bummed to an other larger room on the same floor.
  • No food can be consumed here.
  • The main area of this room is a shoe free zone. Floor cushions from this room cannot be moved to other rooms.