Location / Parking

    • 10 minutes walk from Town Hall station and easy walking distance to cafes and restaurants
    • Parking: Car park (Riley Street/Stanly Street), meter parking (William Street, Crown Street). Remember always to check the signs!

    Accessibility & Access 

    • Access to level one of the creative space 99 is via the stair case of the main entrance on 99 Crown Street. The door has a large label meditation space.
    • The Hall on level one has some additional stairs.
    • BackStage access has its own roller gate and door entrance on Crown Lane,
      rear 99 Crown Street. 
    • Gallery access has its own street level entrance on 99 Crown Street. 
    • A booking of either the Hall, Meditation Room or the Seminar Room includes non-exclusive access to the first floor’s
      • entrance area with shoes racks
      • tea kitchen, filtered water and hot water boiler to make tea and coffee
      • toilet
    • Conny Dietzschold Gallery always has access to BackStage to access the storage area and the void/garden. Access times can be negotiated by the hirer in order to minimize any disruption to the current hirer agreement.


    • A unisex toilet is located inside the library/tea kitchen of the Meditation Room on the 1st floor of 99 Crown Street.
    • BackStage and the Gallery have each one unisex toilet next to the kitchenette.


    • The Library/tea kitchen on the 1st floor includes a water cooler and tea making facilities (bring your own tea and cups).
    • The Hall kitchen includes a large water urn (on request), a hot water heater and a fridge.
      This kitchen is a vegetarian kitchen. No fish or meat products should be consumed, prepared or stored here, this includes the fridge. 
    • BackStage has its own kitchenette. 
    • All Hirers are required to provide their own cups, glasses, plates and cutlery and consumables including tea, coffee, milk, sugar etc. 

    Stationaries and AV Equipment

    • Hirers are required to provide their stationary and consumables like paper, white board markers, batteries and AV connector cables as well as tea, coffee, milk, sugar, etc.
    • It is the Hirer’s responsibility to arrange a pre-booking visit to get an orientation and to test AV equipment and its connectors to the presenters laptop etc. . Laptops must be VGA compatible to connect to the projector and HDMI compatible to connect to the TVs. 
    • All rooms on the 1st floor at 99 Crown Street come with warm lighting, light colours and have an appealing decor. They are ideally suited for one on one, small and medium size groups for meditation, energy work and counseling session. The rooms are also used for meetings, conferences, talks, concerts, book launches, receptions and functions.  
    • All spaces have a default setup which includes furniture, tables, chairs and plants as well as sound systems. Furniture, tables and plants should not be moved around and sound/video equipment setup should not be changed. If the hirer needs a special room setup then this needs to be requested on the booking form. Chairs should be brought back to the prior setup before leaving.

    Internet Access / WiFi

    • Casual WiFi is available throughout all rooms of creative space 99. 
    • Please let us know if you need professional WiFi for yourself and your clients.

    Special Requests / Extras

    Every event and booking has different needs. Our prices are very competitive and vary based on the impact of the event like: 

    • Number of people
    • Nature of the event
    • Food consumption
    • Non standard room configuration/setup
    • Extras chairs
    • Data projector
    • Wifi (when you need this for the event)