Code of Conduct

Cleaning Up / Rubbish

  • All rooms need to be put back in the state you have received them in.  
  • Any food, bottles, coffee cups or otherwise produced garbage needs to be removed from the premises by the hirer. 
  • NOTE: Street garbage bins are not provided. All garbage bins found on the street and on the back lane are from our neighbors and must not be used. 
  • Extra cleaning/setup fee may apply if a room is left behind untidy. 

Room Usage Restrictions

  • There is no smoking anywhere on the premise.
  • Each room may have specific usage restrictions, please inform yourself on those and enquire if you have any questions in regards to the usage you have in mind.  
  • All spaces have a default setup which may include furniture, tables, chairs and plants as well as sound systems which should not be moved. If the hirer needs a special room setup then this needs to be requested on the booking form.

Code of Conduct

  • creative space 99 works on the basis of a shared space. 
  • Please use only those resources (like paper, pens, tools, etc. ) which are your own or those which have been agreed on in your room hire booking form. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. 
  • There is no storage option for items of any kind on the premises and all items need to be removed once the hire period has ended.. 
  • Hirers must keep noise levels or other high impact activities to a minimum and respect the privacy of others who may be using or working in other parts of the building or neighbourhood
  • All participants shall promote positive values, interaction and understanding between people
  • Hirer must ensure services and programs are delivered in a manner that is inclusive and free of discrimination (including attitudinal barriers). 
  • The hirer is responsible for the belongings and well-being of their participance and is required to have their own insurance. 
  • The hirer is required to behave according to these terms, and within state and federal law.